If the cap fits

Well, it doesn’t.  However, as it is Christmas and there’s a nice lunch in front of me, I’m prepared to co-operate, even if Yours Truly Confused does try to smother me with this ginormous Santa hat. At least it hides the red bow tie attached to my collar. As Mr Kit-Kat pointed out, at least…

Fridge friend

When you are as small as I am, The Big Guy is a useful friend to have around. He is just the right height to reach the important part of the fridge (where the stuff is not all covered in snow).

I want to connect

I’m sitting here under the laptop while dictating my blog to Yours Truly Confused (you didn’t think I could type all this myself, did you?) The Diva tells me that she, Princess Chloe the First and The Big Guy all have their own Facebook pages too, so I’m going to demand one for myself. NB,…

My new bed

Today Yours Truly Confused brought me and Mr Kit-Kat these brilliant new beds.  I’ve decided that mine should be located at the bottom right of our main bed, which is located in what used to be Derek’s bedroom. YTC has allowed us to take it over for the winter as the attic is a bit…

I need a ladder

This is yet another of those glass boxes that can be found round Baskerville Manor. I’m too small to get a good look at this from the floor, and the glass table beside it is just too scary to stand on.

Coloured things that move#2

Mr Kit-Kat told me he found a strange glass box full of water and coloured moving things in the Baskerville Manor kitchen, and I have to agree with him, it is truly fascinating. Imagine my surprise when I found another one of these things  in the living room.  Apparently some people called Captain Scarlett the…

Ooo–there’s a garden out there

Having ventured out of the attic I found my way to this windowsill where I can observe what is going on outside. It looks like there are loads of places to explore out there, I am really dying to get out, but Yours Truly Confused says we have to settle down first.